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Goodbye Erin Wamala

11 January 2018 - Author: Graham Gill

Sad to announce that our longest serving team member Erin Wamala has decided to find pastures new. So sorry to see Erin go as Erin has been with us since our little business began in 2012 and in that time helped drive us to where we are today.  We are thrilled for her in her new role but gutted to see her go. Erin you have been vital to the growth and success of all that has happened here and it has been a pleasure to know and work with you. We will miss you.


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Paddington 2, the movie

14 December 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Paddington 2The murmur about the first Paddington movie was that its creators nailed the family genre, and after seeing an advanced screening, we  think it’s safe to say that Paddington 2 is even more family friendly than its precursor.


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Easy Ideas for Playing with Books

30 November 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Enough Apples equipment

Recently we hosted a Christmas in October event for our Melbourne-based customers. It was a huge hit for all our guests who received a show bag, enjoyed informative sessions with each of our special guest authors and illustrators and were lucky enough to have newly purchased books signed.

But we also had some little people in attendance who loved our activity stations designed around some of the books written and illustrated by some of our special guests.

Such a hit were they, that we thought we’d share some of the ideas for you to try at home. They’re simple but lots of fun.

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Q&A with Anita Heiss - Our Race for Reconciliation

12 September 2017 - Author: erin wamala

The Kids' Bookshop sat down with Anita Heiss to discuss her novel Our Race for Reconciliation.



1. As an Indigenous woman, how did you feel seeing Cathy Freeman win gold at
the Olympics?
 I was watching the race with family in Canberra and we were all so very excited. I was incredibly proud of her – even though I didn’t know her. Just knowing the amount of work and emotional, physical and physiological energy it would’ve taken to get that far. And then to win. I think all Australians watching that race would have been proud of Cathy Freeman that night. 

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Footy Fever hits TKBS

31 August 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Footy Fever has hit Australia, and TKBS desks!

As well as the AFL Finals, September also sees the exciting release of Jo Stanley’s new series, Play Like a Girl, and the latest book in George Ivanoff’s You Choose series, Footy Fever. We thought we’d celebrate September with a list of our favourite AFL-themed books.

Whichever team you support, there is a book here for any footy fan!

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BOOK WEEK 2017: Celebrate at Home

10 August 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Book Week 2017 IdeasBook Week is a celebration for all Australian children! Schools, libraries and bookshops will have some wonderful events taking place during the week, but HOME is also a fabulous place to celebrate books with your children, particularly for families with pre-school children or in remote locations!

With ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE as this year’s Book Week theme, here’s The Kids’ Bookshop’s quick list of ways you can celebrate Book Week in your home this year.

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Supporting Beginner Readers

20 July 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Learning to ReadLearning to read is like baking a cake. Just like baking a cake, learning to read requires essential ingredients to successfully achieve a desired result, which in this case is the ability to read.

The Kids' Bookshop has some tips, strategies and book recommendations to help you support your child's journey towards reading.

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TKBS chats to Belinda Murrell about Pippa’s Island

05 July 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Pippa's IslandThe Kids’ Bookshop was very lucky to chat with Belinda Murrell over a virtual cuppa in anticipation of her latest publication, Pippa’s Island, a new series for middle readers about starting a new life on a tropical island, finding your courage and the best group of friends you could wish for. It’s the perfect series for readers who enjoyed or have outgrown Belinda’s previous series for younger readers, Lulu Bell, about friends, family and animal adventures growing up in a vet hospital.

At about the age of eight, Belinda Murrell began writing stirring tales of adventure, mystery and magic in hand-illustrated exercise books. As an adult, she combined two of her great loves – writing and travelling the world – and worked as a travel journalist, technical writer and public relations consultant. Now, inspired by her own three children, Belinda is a bestselling, internationally published children’s author with a history of writing in her family that spans over 200 years. Her previous titles include her fantasy adventure series The Sun Sword trilogy and her seven time-slip adventures, The Locket of Dreams, The Ruby Talisman, The Ivory Rose, The Forgotten Pearl, The River Charm, The Sequin Star, and The Lost Sapphire. These books have been recognised by various awards, including CBCA Notable List 2012 and 2017, Honour Book KOALAS 2013, shortlisted seven times for the Young Australians Best Book Award (YABBA), and highly commended in the PM’s Literary Awards.

Belinda lives in Manly in a gorgeous old house overlooking the sea with her husband Rob, her three beautiful children - Nick, Emily and Lachlan, and her dog Rosie. She is an Author Ambassador for Room to Read and Books in Homes. Visit her website at


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What Harry Potter Means to The Kids' Bookshop

29 June 2017 - Author: Jackie Small

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published?  It might come as a rude surprise for some, especially if you discovered the series' in its early years, but we believe it is a true gift that children (and adults) can continue to enjoy the wizarding world of Harry Potter. 

We're sure you'll agree that Harry Potter, in some shape or form, has found his way into every reader's heart). Keep reading to find out what the series means to the staff at The Kids' Bookshop

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You Choose 12Hugely popular, especially with our schools, is George Ivanoff’s You Choose series of books. There are currently 12 stories in the series, in addition to some ‘Flip Me’ bind-up editions. Each story is reminiscent of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books, in which readers are regularly faced with a choice that will inevitably lead them down a different story path.

Taking just one story path is never satisfying for the reader, making them highly addictive. We were keen to ask George a little more about how he sets about writing these, and we encourage your students or children to have a go at writing one on their own!

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