‘Non-fiction books help children unlock the world around them, but also enable them to participate in reading, tapping into their varied interests and engaging them in a way that stories sometimes can’t.’ The Book Activist

Non-Fiction Book Box Service launched in term 3 2020.


We will take the hard work out of selecting from the hundreds of new and topical non-fiction titles that are published each month and curate a stunning box of books to suit your primary school-aged readers and your budget


You choose!

  • The number of boxes you’d like to receive per term (see below)

  • Your preference for local and international titles or just one or the other.


Please download the attached PDF form below and email it to Hello@thekidsbookshop.com.au by the end of term 2 for 2020 subscriptions and by the end of term 4 for 2021 subscribers.


Downloadable order form with options for:

  • One box each term, terms 1-3       $150 less 15% x 3

  • Two boxes each term, terms 1-3    $150 less 15% x 6

  • One box each term, terms 1-4       $150 less 15% x 4

  • Two boxes each term, terms 1-4    $150 less 20% x 8

  • Two boxes each term, terms 1-3   $150 less 20% x 7 (plus one box for term 4)

Non-fiction Box service form link

Terms and Conditions:

  • You will be invoiced at the beginning of each term.

  • One month’s notice must be given if you opt out of the service in order to receive a full refund.

  • Delivery is free to metro Melbourne and to all other areas a delivery fee of $14.99 will be added to the invoice value of the box.

  • Unfortunately no returns allowed