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Benefits of booking a Book Fair with The Kids’ Bookshop:
• Flat rate commission of 20% in cash of total fair sales*
• Commission of 30% if taken as books**
• Flexibility of books, timing and size of the event to suit the requirements of your school
• Carefully curated selection of quality books (with school book requests welcome)
• Books that cover a diverse range of themes, genres & price points
• We only supply books. We do not stock novelty or toy items
• The Kids’ Bookshop (TKBS) provides hardcopy and digital materials to promote the event
• Planning and preparation checklists and schedule are also included to assist in the management of the event 
• Books and EFTPOS machines are delivered to the school a week prior to the fair
• Remaining books will be picked up by TKBS staff on an agreed date.
• TKBS staff member ‘on call’ if there are any urgent queries 
• Subject to availability, we are potentially able to organise a guest author for your book fair
Terms And Conditions


  • Promotional assets – hard copy and digital (for school newsletters etc) provided to school within FOUR WEEKS prior to the fair.

  • Books, promotional materials and EFT machines delivered ONE WEEK prior to the fair

  • Instructions for using the EFT machines are included in the Book Fair Kit

  • * 20% commission is calculated once all money has been collected and if cash option taken, payment is made via EFT

  • **Commission of 30% if taken as books – please contact The Kids' Bookshop about how this works but primarily:

    • Commission books must be readily available from our suppliers in Australia. No overseas imports.

    • A single order is our preference when using your commission. We understand this isn't always possible.

    • The Kids' Bookshop are happy to help with selections and suggestions

Other collaborations

• Assisting with Literature Festivals

• Organising Guest Author Visits (subject to author availability)

• Parent Information sessions

• Pop-Up bookshop in the library or staff room.

• Library section launch

• School or library book donation register


• Student awards books

[Book fairs only available to schools within Victoria]

Contact us if you have any queries