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Benefits of booking a Book Fair with The Kids’ Bookshop:
• Flat rate commission of 20% in cash of total fair sales*
• Commission of 30% if taken as books**
• Flexibility of books, timing and size of the event to suit the requirements of your school
• Carefully curated selection of quality books (with school book requests welcome)
• Books that cover a diverse range of themes, genres & price points
• We only supply books. We do not stock novelty or toy items
• The Kids’ Bookshop (TKBS) provides hardcopy and digital materials to promote the event
• Planning and preparation checklists and schedule are also included to assist in the management of the event 
• Books and EFTPOS machines are delivered to the school a week prior to the fair
• Remaining books will be picked up by TKBS staff on an agreed date.
• TKBS staff member ‘on call’ if there are any urgent queries 
• Subject to availability, we are potentially able to organise a guest author for your book fair



If you choose to opt for an online Book Fair, your school will be given a dedicated page where the books that you select (with help from us) will be uploaded and divided into categories - Picture Books, Junior Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction and Non-fiction.

You will still be supplied with digital assets to promote your book fair and the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for the library through our commission program, will remain the same.


Enquire HERE about your ONLINE BOOK FAIR in 2021.

Terms And Conditions


  • Promotional assets – hard copy and digital (for school newsletters etc) provided to school within FOUR WEEKS prior to the fair.

  • Books, promotional materials and EFT machines delivered ONE WEEK prior to the fair

  • Instructions for using the EFT machines are included in the Book Fair Kit

  • * 20% commission is calculated once all money has been collected and if cash option taken, payment is made via EFT

  • **Commission of 30% if taken as books – please contact The Kids' Bookshop about how this works but primarily:

    • Commission books must be readily available from our suppliers in Australia. No overseas imports.

    • A single order is our preference when using your commission. We understand this isn't always possible.

    • The Kids' Bookshop are happy to help with selections and recommendations

A Bundle of Books


Bundle up a two day book fair, carefully tailored to suit your readers, with an information evening for parents on Raising Happy Readers. Book Fair Commissions apply to the Book Fair sales while 15% of sales from the information evening will be added to the overall commission. The cost of running the Raising Happy Readers session is $200 and we suggest a nominal charge of $5 - $10 per head to cover this fee. Contact us about making a booking now!

Other collaborations


• Assisting with Literature Festivals

• Organising Guest Author Visits (subject to author availability)

• Parent Information sessions

• Pop-Up bookshop in the library or staff room.

• Library section launch

• School or library book donation register


• Student awards books

[Book fairs only available to schools within Victoria]

Contact us if you have any queries