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How do I use the search filters on the homepage?

We have created search filters to help make your title selection as easy as possible and to ensure you find the most appropriate books for your child. For example, if you have a six year old who loves pirates and you don't want to spend more than $20, simply search by Age (6), Theme (Pirates) and Price ($10-$20). We offer additional Gender filtering if necessary. Additionally, if our search tool returns the message 'No items found' or you'd simply like to start your searching again, try clicking on our logo, at the top of the page to reset your session with our little site. This is especially useful with Categories etc..

Hint: make sure you give each filter a second or so to do it's searching before clicking on the next filter!

How much will I pay for delivery?

Delivery is a flat fee of $9.95 for all orders under $100 for all Australian destinations
Delivery is free for all orders over $100 for all Australian destinations.
We can assist international customers regarding shipping charges via email for destinations outside Australia.

What does the 'Manual/Offline order' option mean on checkout?

This option enables our School customers(only) to be invoiced manually for an order placed through our site. Please call us for details or any assistance. 

Can I place my order across the telephone?

All orders should be placed through the website, however feel free to call us to discuss. If you are a school and would like to discuss alternate options please contact our store manager by emailing hello@thekidsbookshop.com.au


How does The Kids' Bookshop handle my private personal data I provide during registration or ecommerce transactions?

Please see our Privacy statement.

Am I able to return books?

We have a strict returns policy – please click here to view details of our shipping and returns policy.

Are all of the books, featured on your site, in stock ready to ship?

No. The Kids' Bookshop keeps a manageable inventory of books & we work with our suppliers to provide our stock on demand. The Kids’ Bookshop will always notify you if books are not in stock, and advise you with an anticipated ETA for your order or we will always offer an alternative title, based on our qualified experience, if that is acceptable.

I require my order urgently. Is there any way of ensuring next day delivery?

The Kids' Bookshop will do everything possible to get your order to you as quickly as possible but there are times when postal or supplier delays will occur and may result in delayed delivery. 

Can I call or email for help at any time?

Absolutely! We'd love to hear from you  - particularly if you can't find the book or books you are looking for. Our phones are monitored Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm and email everyday between 9am and 9pm.

What should I do if there is a theme I would like to search but it is not included on The Kids’ Bookshop search list?

Please email or call our store for assistance. We're always happy to assist, where we can.

Are the recommended age groups on the website accurate?

The age (and gender) recommendations are a guide, and should be used as such, However they are based on our collective qualified experience .

If I buy a book for a child that the child already owns, am I able to return it?

Sorry – this is not possible. Please refer to our Returns/Shipping details.

Are we able to have our purchases gift wrapped?

Yes you can, gift-wrapping is available and can be nominated at check-out.

You provide Gift Certificates how can I use one on The Kids' Bookshop site?

We have Gift Certificates in $25 $50 $75 & $100 values. Gift Certificates can be redeemed over several orders until the total value is exhausted. But please note, our $9.95 flat postage fee is charged on each order redeemed that totals less than $100.

Do prices displayed include GST?

Yes they do. All prices are Australian dollar values and include GST

How can I pay for the books I want?

The Kids' Bookshop accepts VISA & Mastercard credit cards. Unfortunately our Gateway does not accept AMEX Cards. We also accept PayPal payments. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available for Schools by phone or direct deposit.

How do I know your site is a secure site?

All financial transactions through our site utilise Industry Standard SSL & TLS 256-bit encryption techniques.


We use EWay and PayPal the most up-to-date, trusted and secure payments systems available to e-Commerce sites.


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Are my Credit Card details kept on your site?

No they are not. The Kids' Bookshop stores no Credit Card information in our databases. You enter your Credit Card details on our site in the appropriate fields for the relevant payment service you select on checkout. The details are passed directly to the payment collection service always.


Internet browsers and our site 

We sometimes have our customers contact us to let us know they've noticed some oddities occur when using their particular internet browser, and we do appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately it's just not possible to develop our site for all the versions and releases of a particular internet browser. Web designers try to accommodate as many web standards as they possibly can, however the internet is a dynamic space, with change the only constant. Our Web Developers have done everything in their power to adhere to "what's current, what's stable & secure". Our suggestion is to always make sure you have the very latest internet browser release or version for your PC, tablet or mobile device. We perform our own testing to ensure The Kids' Bookshop site is friendly, but above all usable!


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