Literature Circle recommendations

The Boy and the Spy 
How to Bee  
The Fighting Stingrays 
Dr Boogaloo and The Girl Who Lost Her Laughter 
  • Action packed adventure story with historical themes that will appeal to both boys and girls.

  • Accessible read

  • Suitable for years 5 and 6 but fine for extension students in years ¾

  • We are big fans of this story

  • Wonderful themes of sustainability, the environment, family,

  • Shortlisted/winner 2018 CBCA

  • Suitable for years 5 and 6 but fine for extension students in years ¾

  • This book has just won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award in the young readers category

  • A terrific story of friendship, bravery, loyalty and survival set on Thursday Island during WW 11

  • Suitable for years 5 and 6 but fine for extending students in years ¾.

  • Will be particularly engaging for boys

  • This is a stunning story and presented in a small hardback format

  • It is quirky and charming and for students who relate well to music, this will be a beautiful read.

  • Suitable for readers in years 3-6

Help Around the House 
Two Wolves
  • Solli Raphael is Australia’s Champion Slam Poet at the age of 13.

  • A collection of his poetry – engaging, topical, through provoking and highly accessible.

  • He is a ‘game changer’ ; an activist and environmentalist. We are big fans.

  • Suitable for readers in grades 3-6.

  • The latest story from Gleitzman – our children’s laureate.

  • Topical in that it questions what on earth is going on in Canberra!

  • Themes of activism, honesty, loyalty and family (grief) are all explored with good humour (as only Morris G can do) and sensitivity.

  • Suitable for years 5 -6

  • Wonderfully written mystery, thriller

  • Themes of family, survival,

  • Suitable for 5/6 only

Mackenzie da Luca’s mother is missing – she’s vanished without a trace in the jungles of Panama. Now, 116 days later, Mackenzie and her dad are in those same jungles. Her dad is desperate to find out what’s happened to his wife. And Mackenzie is desperate to make sure he doesn’t ...

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